3 Year Warranty. Free Returns.

3 Year Warranty. Free Returns.

Aurora Pro™ Aerial Silks Fabric

$122 CAD

Color: Lush Lavender
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Safe, dependable and vibrantly jewel toned, your silks will be the foundation for all your aerialist achievements!

Feel The Plush

Crafted with our exclusive Plush Silk Nylon, your silks are perfected for flying.

Cut thicker for that unbeatable durability and ultimate luxurious softness you deserve.

Machine washable and stunningly vibrant, you will catch the light beautifully!

You're Multifaceted. Your Silks Should Be Too.

Securely woven with 40 Denier Tricot, your silks are designed as low to medium stretch. Easy to grip and compliments the widest range of aerialist skills. Chosen and loved by both beginners learning to climb and experienced aerialists perfecting the art.

For Aerial Silks and Aerial Yoga

Silks are 9 yards long, 108 inches wide and have a hanging height of 13.5 ft on each side. Perfect length for your home's standard 8 ft ceilings and also anything higher

WLL: 170 kg (375 lb) FoS: 1:7

Woman doing aerial silks in farm field with purple aerial silks

Aurora Pro™ 

Light up the skies

Studio Goals.

We hope you LOVE your amazing new set-up. Start flying with us today!

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