Which aerial fabric length is right for you?

Our 9 yard aerial fabric is ideal for homes with standard 8ft ceilings, all the way up to 12ft.

You may need 13 yards if you have high ceilings of 12ft and taller or if you prefer to have silks with lots of tail on the ground. 

For aerial yoga, you may choose the 5.5 yards which is the ideal length for cocooning and strength & conditioning. 

9 yards (8m) 13 yards (12m) 5.5 yards (5m)

For Ceiling Heights: 

8ft - 12ft

(2.5m - 4m)

For Ceiling Heights:

12ft - 18ft

(4m - 6m)

For Aerial Yoga Hammock

Total Silk Hanging Height: 

13ft (4m)

Total Silk Hanging Height:

18ft (6m)


*1 yard = 3ft / 1m = 1.1 yard