Deluxe Pro Aerial Silks Hardware Set


Take Your Rig To The Next Level!

Everything you need in one convenient package. Perfect for all your aerial & climbing adventures. Fly aerial silks, aerial hoop, yoga hammock, swings, and more! Quality equipment suitable for practice and performance. Safe, dependable and beautifully polished, your Orbsoul hardware will be the foundation for all your aerialist achievements! 

Certified For Safety. Built For Performance.

All components of your hardware pass rigorous testing for continued safety and ensured quality.

Rescue Figure 8 Descender

  • 50KN (9000 lbs)
  • Longer arms prolong the life of your fabric and provide the best weight distribution when you fly
  • Keeps your knots clean and creates a natural separation for your fabric legs

Orbsoul Infinity Swivel 2.0

  • 30KN (6500 lbs)
  • Enjoy the freedom of infinite smooth rotations even at max-capacity
  • Mounted on wear-proof, enclosed stainless-steel bearings for max durability and strength.
  • Keeps you safe and tangle-free by making sure your silks don't twist on themselves when you fly!

Titanium Steel Carabiners

  • 25KN (5500 lbs)
  • Phenomenally strong, lasts a lifetime
  • Symmetrical O-shape provides optimal balance for all your aerialist skills 
  • Easy to use spring-gate & screw lock
  • Accented with crisp Ice-Blue

Nylon Coated Daisy Chains

  • 15KN (3000 lbs)
  • 10 loops and 3.6 FT long to perfectly customize your rig 
  • Wear-proof, nylon coated and triple stitched
Simple & Secure Set-Up

Easy to assemble hardware clips securely into your ceiling attachment. Once assembled, your heavy-duty hardware hangs 18 inches. Perfect length for your home's standard 8 ft ceilings and also anything higher. With this smooth & secure set-up, you will be up in the air in no time!

Your Complete Package


  • Rescue Figure 8 Descender
  • Orbsoul Infinity Swivel 2.0
  • 2x Titanium Steel Carabiners
  • 2x Nylon Daisy Chains

Studio Goals

We hope you LOVE your awesome new set-up. Start flying with us today!

Fly Your Aerial Dreams