what we're all about

Crafting safe, beautiful Gear

to accompany you on your journey to fitness, artistry and empowerment.

Launched in 2016

Orbsoul was founded on the pillars of engineering and art. Captivated by the creativity and stories within your movements, our drive is to craft gear to unleash your ideas and empower you along your journey.

Starting as an online marketplace, Orbsoul quickly became a bestseller with 50,000+ global sales and 2000+ customer reviews. By prioritizing our customer feedback, we've continuously innovated in manufacturing and design to provide tailored sport equipment solutions.

In 2024, with the full launch of Orbsoul's online store, we bring focus on community engagement and are so excited to offer more personalized experiences to you through customization and by expanding our range of vibrant new gear.

Where passion meets purpose

Meet the Founders

Mackenzie Stirling

Director of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Degree - McMaster University

Mackenzie started in automotive and aerospace engineering, an industry known for strict safety standards. His passion for manufacturing and sustainability led him to co-found Orbsoul with his wife where he applies his expertise in crafting innovative and dependable gear.

Michelle Wang

Lead Product Design

Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science - McMaster University

Although Michelle has a science background, she is fortunate to be able to unleash her deep appreciation for people, art, and wellness through Orbsoul where she enjoys leading the design of products to support your creativity and fitness.

Culture unites us, your stories inspire us.

We love creating with you, bringing exceptional gear to life.

Engineering + Art

Orbsoul's engineering foundation prioritizes rigorous safety and testing protocols, ensuring that your gear is expertly crafted to the highest standards and made to withstand everything you're capable of.

Orbsoul is design obsessed and dedicated to making beautiful and modern tools to complement you in your expression of skill and artistry.

Uncover the beauty of made in canada

Sustainability and Orbsoul

We're happy to share that some of our products are handcrafted right here in Canada where we source all-natural, sustainable materials and employ low carbon footprint manufacturing processes. Sustainably made gear ensures long-lasting quality and care for our planet.

Customer Reviews
I've shopped here multiple times now - always friendly and professional and the shipping is very fast. Thank you!
— Fiona
The hardware is top notch! Excellent experience shopping at Orbsoul, I will definitely be shopping with them again and would definitely recommend.
— Kelly
A+++ purchase! The silk color is very pretty and they feel great. The rest of my kit is sturdy and heavy. Packaging was thoughtful and included a wish bracelet 💜Loved how the colors all matched from the silk to the swivel and even the bracelet! I'm so pleased and highly recommend this shop! ☁️🌈
— Kristin
This was exactly what I was hoping for. The quality of the materials and design are perfect and they even included some exercises we could do. Would absolutely recommend.
— Courtney
Very happy with the silk. The color is amazing and comes with all you need to get started. It has fairly low stretch which was exactly what I wanted.
— Elisabeth
Our whole family loves the hoop, it's brought a lot of joy & fun to our home. Shipping and customer service were great, Highly recommend!
— Courtney