3 Year Warranty. Free Returns.

3 Year Warranty. Free Returns.

Aurora Pro Aerial Silks

Designed to elevate your world and add a touch of magic to your routine.

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Step out of the circus and into the comfort of your own home or studio with Orbsoul Aerial Silk Complete Set. Our Aurora Pro Aerial Silks Set includes both our trademark plush silk nylon fabric and certified safe rigging hardware. Designed for both students and seasoned aerialist performers alike to elevate your aerial art to new heights. Whether you're looking to build strength, improve flexibility, or simply add a touch of magic to your workout, aerial silks is your ticket to a whole new world of fitness and fun!

Woven in 40 denier tricot, Aurora Pro is naturally breathable and supports you in every way you like to move. Whether you’re an instructor teaching an aerial class or you create routines in your personal space, our aerial silks will help you craft your unique aerial dance. Engineered with the perfect stretch from day one to best compliment your wide range of aerialist skills. From beginner footlocks to double star drops and everything in between, the Orbsoul Aurora Pro Line of Aerial silks has you covered.