3 Year Warranty. Free Returns.

3 Year Warranty. Free Returns.

Serenity Cork Massage Roller Set (3 pc)

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Improve Your Muscle Health Like Never Before.

Get the perfect stretch and soothe muscles with all-natural Cork massage! Enjoy 3 effective massage tools for full body rejuvenation. Direct benefits include fast muscle recovery after workouts, improved muscle tone and enhanced flexibility to feel your very best. 

Your Complete Set


  • Vitality Peanut - 6.5in x 3.5in
  • Classic Massage Ball - 2.5in
  • All-Purpose Mini Roller - 6in x 2in
Our Unique Features

Your natural cork massagers are crafted with specialty fine-grain cork imported fresh from Spain. Made extra-firm, your tools have unbeatable durability and are perfect for stretching all areas of your body. Fast working and super effective on sore muscles after workouts! Your cork massagers also feature an exclusive soft-touch velvet finish. This makes them feel luxuriously smooth on your skin so you can enjoy the most satisfying massage every time.

Sustainably Beautiful

To harvest our cork, we trim the thickened bark of Spanish cork trees and refine into a beautiful smooth grain. Rest assured as no trees are ever cut down. Harvesting cork also stimulates tree growth and increases oxygen production, making it one of the most environmentally friendly practices in the world. Natural, clean, and full of life, your new cork massagers are the perfect addition to your home.

Self Cleaning & Maintains Your Healthy Skin

Unlike popular plastic tools, your cork set contains zero harmful chemicals and is  made 100% pure and safe for you. Our cork includes a natural wax barrier which seals it from any outside debris such as dust, sweat, and hair. This keeps your massagers self-cleaning and anti-microbial so it stays clean, comfortable, and ready for you any time. Feels great on your muscles and helps to maintain glowy healthy skin! 

Celebrate the Earth. Experience Natural Massage.

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