Juego de montaje aéreo Studio Pro

€104,95 EUR

¡Lleva tu equipo al siguiente nivel!

Todo lo que necesitas en un juego completo. ¡Vuela sedas aéreas, aro aéreo, hamaca de yoga y más! Equipo de calidad adecuado para la práctica y el desempeño. Seguro, confiable y bellamente pulido, su hardware Orbsoul será la base de todos sus logros trapecistas.

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Full Aerial Freedom

Your Creativity Unleashed

Tu equipo, probado.

Todos los componentes de su hardware se someten a pruebas de resistencia por lotes. Los resultados de estas pruebas se utilizan para garantizar valores de carga seguros para todo su equipo.

Enhance your aerial adventures

Smoother movement

Infinity Swivel™ 2.0

Precision sealed ball bearings

Enjoy the freedom of infinite smooth rotations even at max-capacity.

Keeps you safe and tangle-free

Ensures that your silks don't twist on themselves when you fly!

Better Support

Balance 8 Descender

Designed with longer arms

To prolong the life of your fabric and provide the best weight distribution when you fly.

Superb silk control

Keeps your knots clean and creates a natural separation for your fabric legs.

Increased safety

Ice-Blue Carabiners

Easy to use spring-gate, screw lock

Ensures a safe & secure set-up so you can get back to immersing yourself in your art.

Customize your rig

Harmony™ Yoga Straps

10 loops to click

So you can adjust your hammock any way you like.

For aerial yoga and strength conditioning.

orbsoul hardware set in studio

Take a closer look

Simple and secure set up.

Easy to assemble hardware clips securely into your rigging point.

Made for beginner to advanced aerialists.

Compatible with: Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Yoga & more!

Your Complete Set
  • 1 x Infinity Swivel™ 2.0
  • 1 x Balance 8 Descender
  • 2 x Ice-Blue Carabiners
  • 2 x Harmony™ Yoga Straps
Safety Specs

Infinity Swivel™ 2.0 

  • MBS: 30kN (6744 lbs)

Balance 8 Descender 

  • MBS: 50kN (11240 lbs)

Ice-Blue Carabiners

  • MBS: 25kN (5620 lbs)

Harmony™ Yoga Straps

  • MBS: 13kN (3307 lbs) 
Warranty & Support
  • Comes with our 3 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Chat with us. Concierge support Mon-Fri 9-5
  • Free shipping. Free returns.
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