Aerial Hoop With Rigging Hardware (Onyx Black)


A Lyra Made For You - The Complete Package

Designed by aerialists, for aerialists. Engineered to compliment the widest range of your aerialist skills. Meticulously polished to a luxurious satin finish, feel amazing on your lyra every time you fly.

Safe, dependable and beautifully crafted, your Orbsoul Lyra will be the foundation for all your aerialist achievements.

Certified For Safety. Built For Performance.

All components of your hardware kit and hoop pass rigorous testing for continued safety and ensured quality.

Aerial Hoop

  • Secures 500lbs
  • Iindustrial strength Stainless Steel
  • Freedom of motion single tab

Round Sling Spanset

  • 19KN (2 Tonnes)
  • Ideal length of 3.3 ft (1m)
  • Customize your Hoop to your perfect length
  • Made with premium Nylon yarn
  • Double layer enforcement

Orbsoul Infinity Swivel

  • 30KN (6500 lbs)
  • Enjoy the freedom of infinite smooth rotations even at max-capacity
  • Mounted on wear-proof, enclosed stainless-steel bearings for max durability and strength.

Titanium Steel Carabiners

  • 25KN (5500 lbs)
  • Phenomenally strong, lasts a lifetime
  • Symmetrical O-shape provides optimal balance for all your aerialist skills 
  • Easy to use spring-gate & screw lock
  • Accented with crisp Ice-Blue
Secure & Simple Set-Up

Simple to assemble hardware and hoop clips securely into your ceiling attachment. 

Chosen and loved by both beginners discovering their spin and experienced aerialists perfecting the art!

Included In Your Bundle
  • Aerial Hoop
  • Orbsoul Infinity Swivel
  • Spanset (3 Ft)
  • 3x Titanium Steel Carabiners
  • Setup Guide
Sizing Guide

Your Classic Sized Hoop

  • 95cm (37.5in) outer diameter
  • 90cm (35.5in) inner diameter

Our classic sized hoop is suitable for most aerialists.

To see if this Lyra is the one for you, please try the following measurement:

  • Sit down in a chair
  • Measure from your seat to the top of your head
  • If this measurement reads 85cm or under, this hoop will work well for you! 

Studio Goals

We hope you LOVE your amazing new set-up! Start flying with us today!

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