3 Year Warranty. Free Returns.

3 Year Warranty. Free Returns.

Classic Aerial Silks Rigging Hardware Set

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Take Your Rig To The Next Level!

Everything you need to fly aerial silks, aerial hoop, yoga hammock and more! Beautifully polished and safety certified for your aerial journey.

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Designed for performance

Made to keep you safe

  • CE certified in France ensuring the highest safety standards.

  • Continually Break Tested to guarantee consistent quality and peace of mind for every aerialist.

Enhance your aerial adventures.

Infinity Swivel™

Smoother Movement

Enjoy the freedom

of infinite smooth rotations even at max-capacity.

Keeps you safe and tangle-free

Buttery smooth to ensure your silks don't twist on themselves when you fly.

Balance 8 Descender

Better Support

Designed with longer arms

to prolong the life of your fabric and provide the best weight distribution when you fly.

Superb silk control

Keeps your knots clean and creates a natural separation for your fabric legs.

Fire-Red Carabiners

Increased Safety

Easy to use spring-gate, screw lock

Ensures a safe & secure set-up so you can fully immerse yourself in your art.

Take a closer look

Simple and secure set up.

Easy to assemble hardware clips securely into your rigging point.

Made for beginner to advanced aerialists.

Compatible with: Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Yoga & more!

Your Complete Set
  • 1 x Infinity Swivel
  • 1 x Balance 8 Descender
  • 2 x Fire-Red Carabiners
Safety Specs

Infinity Swivel™

  • MBS: 30kN

Balance 8 Descender 

  • MBS: 50kN

Fire-Red Carabiners

  • MBS: 25kN
Warranty & Support
  • Comes with our 3 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Chat with us. Concierge support Mon-Fri 9-5
  • Free shipping. Free returns.
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