Harmony Anchor (Set of 2)

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Colour: Natural Ivory
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Your Ultimate Aerial Yoga Companion

Meet the Harmony Anchor: your rigging point to explore your world of aerial yoga, aerial Pilates, and gravity defying strength and conditioning. Engineered for perfect balance and crafted with premium materials — Harmony Anchor provides rock-solid support while integrating seamlessly into your space. Perfect for aerialists looking to build a strong aerial fitness foundation from the ground up.


Strength Testing and Rating

Pull Test Results:

Breaking strength (MBS) - 19kN (1900kg)

Manufacturer Safe Working Load Limit (WLL):

135kg (300 lbs) per anchor

Included In Your Bundle
  • 2 Harmony Anchors
  • 4 Wood Lag Bolt Screws (3/8 inch x 3-inch)
  • 4 concrete expansion screws (1/3 inch x 3-inch)
Warranty and Support
  • Comes with our 3 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Chat with us. Concierge support Mon-Fri 9-5
  • Free shipping over 50$. Free 30 day returns.

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